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If you are trying to copy a Pro drawing, make sure you are logged in or check our Pro pack.

How drwn.io works


drwn.io is a full-text search enabled icon gallery. You can search by name or description. The search engine can also handle typos. For example, you can search for something like load balancer, and you will get results for the load balancer logo and others like nginx, or caddy. That's because those logos also represent load balancers. Another example: searching for amazon storage will return the aws S3 (Simple Storage Service) logo.

When you find your logo you have 3 options:

  • Download as SVG: this will download an SVG file of the logo.
  • Download as PNG: this will download a PNG file of the logo.
  • Copy: this will copy some data to your clipboard. Then you can paste or Ctrl / Cmd - V in Excalidraw and you can use the drawing there.

NOTES about the Copy functionality

  • The clipboard functionality may not work in mobile devices yet, we have it in mind and we will fix it soon.
  • Excalidraw overrides the clipboard and creates its own "internal" clipboard. This can be a problem when you copy (Ctrl / Cmd - C) a drawing from Excalidraw. If you then copy one of our drawings, you may find that the one pasted in Excalidraw is the first one you copied. The only fix we know so far is reloading the Excalidraw tab, you shouldn't lose your canvas but now you will be able to paste the new drawing.


Our pricing model is quite simple. Most logos are free, but getting the pro ones requires a one-time payment. There's one license for individuals and 3 licenses for teams (depending on the size). Check the princing page to know more.

When you buy the Pro pack, you get a License Key. This License Key lets you log in and download the Pro logos too. You also help us keep the site alive :)

The License Key never expires and it lets you (or your team) log in.